Below you will find the prices of services and treatments conducted in Kosmo Dental Clinic. In the case of a comprehensive treatment, we present you the cost estimate with the possible discounts during the consultation.

The first prosthodontic, conservative and implantological consult for all new patients is


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Stomatological consultation / control visit50,00 PLN
Treatment of surface decay – wedge-shaped cavity150,00 PLN
Healing dressing in a permanent tooth80,00 PLN
Tooth reconstruction with a composite materialfrom 400,00 PLN
Trepanation via a prosthetic crown150,00 PLN
Post removal200,00 PLN
Glass fibre in conservative restoration250,00 PLN
Temporary filling80,00 PLN
Filling the crown cavity on 1 surface200,00 PLN
Filling the crown cavity on 2 surfaces220,00 PLN
Filling the crown cavity on 3 surfaces250,00 PLN
Local infiltration anaesthesiaincluded in the price
Intraoral regional anaesthesiaincluded in the price


Full hygienization scaling+sanding+glaze polishing200,00 PLN
Sanding 1 arch100,00 PLN
Sanding 2 arches150,00 PLN
Removal of dental deposits - scaling 1 arch100,00 PLN
Removal of dental deposits - scaling 2 arches150,00 PLN
Teeth whitening800,00 PLN


Extraction of a permanent tooth200,00 PLN
Extraction of a baby tooth100,00 PLN
Extraction of an impacted toothfrom 400,00 PLN
Surgical extraction of non-extracted tooth pieces200,00 PLN
Tooth hemisection300,00 PLN
Gum or abscess cut150,00 PLN
Frenectomy with anaesthesia200,00 PLN
Root-end resectionfrom 400,00 PLN
Surgical dressing of the wound50,00 PLN
Immediate closing of the oral-sinus stoma350,00 PLN
Shaping of the alveolar process300,00 PLN
The uncovering of an impacted tooth for orthodontic purposes300,00 PLN
Resection+Bioteckfrom 1000,00 PLN
Filling the dental alveolus with an osteoinductive materialfrom 800,00 PLN
Removal of fibrous foldsfrom 200,00 PLN
Enucleation of a tooth-like cyst400,00 PLN
Removal of the gum capfrom 200,00 PLN
Surgical crown extension400,00 PLN
Rinsing and medicine application to the post-extraction wound50,00 PLN
Removal of tongue, lip, cheek nodule250,00 PLN
Shaping of the frenulum200,00 PLN
Maxilliary sinus lift via the closed method1600,00 PLN
Maxilliary sinus lift via the open method3000,00 PLN
Implantological consultation200,00 PLN
Cone beam computed tomography 3D450,00 PLN


Consultation for TMJ disorders 250,00 PLN
Digital RTG of the TMJ100,00 PLN
A control visit for TMJ treatment150,00 PLN
Erkodur splint400,00 PLN
SVED-type splint according to Baron500,00 PLN
Acrylic "0" splint600,00 PLN
Splint correction50,00 PLN
Occlusion alignment – selective grinding200,00 PLN
Skeletal denturefrom 2000,00 PLN
Joint injection (hyaluronic acid)300,00 PLN
Joint injection (corticosteroid)200,00 PLN
Joint injection of collagen (the treatment itself)50,00 PLN


Complete processing and filling a single root canal250,00 PLN
Devitalization of tooth pulp100,00 PLN
In-vivo pulp extirpation 1 root canal80,00 PLN
Final canal filling - 1 root canal150,00 PLN
Additional visit during an endodontic treatment100,00 PLN
A repeated root canal treatment150,00 PLN


Pedodontic consultation / control visit50,00 PLN
Steel 3M crown200,00 PLN
Splinting teeth150,00 PLN
Fluorization Embrace100,00 PLN
Healing dressing in a baby tooth50,00 PLN
Adaptive stomatological visit (each) max. 350,00 PLN
Final filling of root canals in a baby tooth100,00 PLN
Chemically-cured filling of a baby tooth100,00 PLN
Filling in a baby tooth – composite 1 surface120,00 PLN
Filling in a baby tooth – composite, more than 1 surface180,00 PLN
Amputation in a baby tooth50,00 PLN
Root Canal Treatment (of an unformed root-end)200,00 PLN
Amputation in a permanent tooth using MTA100,00 PLN


Prosthodontic consultation200,00 PLN
Complete lining of a single denture (direct)200,00 PLN
Complete lining of a single denture (indirect)300,00 PLN
Porcelain crown - Cr-Co (1 point)1000,00 PLN
Porcelain crown - zirconia (1 point)1500,00 PLN
Temporary milled crown300,00 PLN
Direct temporary crown150,00 PLN
Zirconia crown with an all-ceramic connector3500,00 PLN
Zirconia crown with an individual titanium connector2500,00 PLN
Cr-Co crown with an individual connector2200,00 PLN
Porcelain veneer1400,00 PLN
Denture repair (1 point)200,00 PLN
Repeated setting of a crown, denture, stud, veneer, post100,00 PLN
Full denture1250,00 PLN
Biofunctional full denture2500,00 PLN
Acrylic partial dentureod 800,00 PLN
Instantaneous dentureod 800,00 PLN
Skeletal denture1800,00 PLN
Skeletal denture fitted with latches (without the latches’ price)2500,00 PLN
A single-root tooth post400,00 PLN
A multi-root tooth post600,00 PLN
Impressions for diagnostic models (with the casts of the models)150,00 PLN
Latch600,00 PLN
Crown removal100,00 PLN
Bridge removal200,00 PLN


Impressions and a 3D analysis300,00 PLN
Consultation100,00 PLN
Control visit100,00 PLN
Arch replacement100,00 PLN
Removable bracesfrom 500,00 to 1000,00 PLN
Hyrax (appliance used to widen the jaw)800,00 PLN
Space maintainerfrom 350,00 to 700,00 PLN (depending on the type)
Repair of the brace50,00 to 150,00 PLN
Thermoplastic retainer250,00 PLN
Glued retainerfrom 500,00 to 700,00 PLN (depending on the material)
Permanent ligature metal bracefrom 1900,00 to 2000,00 PLN
Permanent non-ligature aesthetic brace3500,00 PLN (1 arch)
Metal bracket (when lost)120,00 PLN
Aesthetic bracket (when lost)200,00 PLN
Emergency visit, unsticking the bracket after 2 months of treatment or more100,00 PLN
Invisalign (depending on the time of the whole treatment)from 7999,00 PLN


Implantation premium2500,00 PLN
Implantation Straumann2700,00 PLN
Implantological consultation200,00 PLN
Zirconia crown with a full-ceramic connector3500,00 PLN
Zirconia crown with an individual titanium connector2500,00 PLN
Cr-Co crown with an individual connector2200,00 PLN