Aleksander Baron, M.D., PhD.

specializations: implant dentistry, implant prosthodontics, dental surgery


The owner of KOSMO DENTAL CLINIC, tirelessly taking care of its development. He makes sure the clinic is supplied with the most innovative dental technologies and that the doctors constantly develop their skills. He himself sets a good example by improving his skills in the field of stomatology by training in both Polish and foreign medical schools (e.g. by defending a paper with distinction in New York University School of Medicine). All for the patients to be sure that their treatment is conducted with the utmost effectiveness.

He has also gained the Dental Implantology Certificate of Skills from OSIS/EDI, and his professional development is not restricted to practising in the clinic and broadening his education. He is also a member of several organizations connected with his profession, including OSIS, CEIA, ICOI and DGOI, which facilitates the exchange of experiences with other specialists in the field of stomatology.


Associate professor Stefan Baron, M.D., PhD.

Specializations: Implant dentistry, prosthodontics, TMD

Both a doctor in KOSMO DENTAL CLINIC, and a scientist at Medical University of Silesia. For over 30 years has been conducting research on the functional disorders of the masticatory apparatus. The conclusions drawn from his studies were presented in over a hundred publications in Polish and foreign specialist journals.

In KOSMO DENTAL CLINIC he mostly specializes in the interdisciplinary treatment of bruxism – an affliction connected with jaw clenching disorders and headaches.

He is also an experienced specialist in the field of implant dentistry. Especially as he was one of the first doctors to introduce this subdiscipline of stomatology to Poland.

Since 2012 he cooperates with the Silesian University of Technology, which results in more and more effective methods of treating bruxism.


Agnieszka Wacławczyk, M.D., PhD.

Specialization: pediatric dentistry

A specialist in pediatric dentistry since 2007; three years later defended a PhD in medicine with distinction. Similarly to other employers of KOSMO DENTAL CLINIC, she not only works in her profession but also improves her academic skills and actively writes for professional journals.

In the stomatological environment, she is involved in professional associations, such as PTS (Polish Stomatological Society), PTSD (Polish Society for Pediatric Dentistry) and IADP (International Association of Paediatric Dentistry).


Klaudia Zaremba, D.D.S.

II degree specialist in orthodontics

She starts her care for patients by planning a comprehensive treatment. Then, she consistently implements its stages in such a way as to prevent all problems.

Orthodontics itself is more than a field of stomatology to her. As a real enthusiast, she continues to improve her skills in that field and is involved in the activities of Polish Orthodontic Society and the International Association for Orthodontics. Her involvement in the latter allows her to exchange opinions with other specialists which facilitates discovering new, efficient solutions in stomatological treatments.

Martyna Piechula 235x300

Martyna Piechula

Assistant and qualified dental hygienist

In our office she is mainly responsible for assisting the pediatric dentist or the orthodontist. She actively participates in training courses, raising her qualifications. She is interested in preventive stomatology. In her free time, she likes to live an active life and read books.

Elżbieta Kruczek 235x300

Elżbieta Kruczek

Qualified dental hygienist

A graduate of Medyczna Szkoła Policealna Województwa Śląskiego in Zabrze. She manages the supply of the office and coordinates the work of the assistants. She continues to raise her professional qualifications by participating in training courses. During work, she is most satisfied when assisting the implantological treatments and conducting a professional oral cleaning. She values contact with patients. She is full of optimism and kindness. She loves moments spent with a good book and cycling.

Chmielewska Agnieszka 235x300

Agnieszka Chmielewska

Medical receptionist

In work she is driven by positive attitude and optimism, therefore caring for the comfort of patients. She loves good food and cooking; she also travels and actively spends her free time.