Pediatric dentistry (paedodontics) deals with the preventive and comprehensive treatment of teeth in children. Its main purpose is to prevent the issues connected with the masticatory apparatus in children and forming the habit of caring for teeth together with the conviction that it is natural and pleasant. Our dentists approach the little patients with kindness and empathy. In KOSMO DENTAL CLINIC we offer the possibility of treating children of various age, regardless of their fear. Our treatments are painless thanks to the possibility of applying laughing gas.

During the adaptational visit, the child is introduced to the appearance of the office; we demonstrate the tools and devices. It is possible for the child to get acquainted with everything of interest and get used to the office under the watchful eyes of the staff. A play corner allows to take the child’s attention off of the awaiting treatment. Everybody can be treated painlessly and without fear!


Baby teeth, contrary to popular opinion, should be treated just like permanent teeth. In our offices we use colourful fillings especially for baby teeth, e.g. Twinky Star. The child can choose the colour of the filling for his/her own tooth, and after the treatment can watch the results on the monitor screen. After the treatment, the child will also receive a prize from KOSMO DENTAL CLINIC.

This is what makes the treatment an intriguing game!