Prosthodontics is a dynamically developing field of dentistry. It deals with filling missing teeth and bringing back the lost functions of the masticatory apparatus. The additional important function of aesthetic prosthodontics is improving teeth appearance. Incomplete teeth or toothlessness has negative effects not only for patient health but also for daily functioning and mental state. Loss of teeth causes facial wrinkles, facial features become less regular, a profile changes, the area under the nose and cheeks sink in, corners of the mouth fall and face becomes more typical to the advanced age.

The attractiveness of one’s face is crucial to personal and professional relationships. Thanks to the high standards of the aesthetic prothetics and implant dentistry offered by our Stomatology Centre, we can bring back your beautiful, wide smile.

Thanks to the experience and knowledge of our specialists you can fill even major losses of teeth through innovative methods offered by aesthetic prosthodontics and implant dentistry. In our work, we use the most modern solutions and we guarantee a beautiful, aesthetic overall effect with the highest quality and durability of our products. Modern aesthetic prosthodontics has no limits, therefore we attempt to meet even the highest requirements of our patients.

During a consultation, whenever possible we propose all potential solutions in terms of mobile and permanent fillings, whether with and without implants, and providing the terms of economic settlement.

In KOSMO DENTAL CLINIC we make comprehensive, aesthetic, functional and full reconstructions of dental arches, selected to fit the individual needs and expectations of the patient.