Currently orthodontics is a highly developed subdiscipline of stomatology, providing numerous possibilities. Modern orthodontic braces bring back a beautiful smile not only in children and teens, but also in adults and older people.

We offer:

  • Traditional braces – metal, ceramic or sapphire/crystal ones.
  • Self-ligaturing braces – without the flexible ligatures, which are replaced by special flaps built into the locks.
  • Aligners – are a good solution for patients with a small orthodontic defect, and those who value comfort. Special plates (aligners) are used to treat incorrect occlusions, however, they require appropriate hygiene and abiding by doctor’s orders.

Orthodontic braces, aside from the correction influencing the smile aesthetics, also help improve health and oral hygiene. Tightly set or crooked teeth are harder to clean of food remains and harmful bacteria, they are more prone to gum inflammation and aches; in extreme cases they can lead to the loss of teeth.

We would like to encourage you to acquaint yourself with – and use – the newest method of teeth straightening – INVISALIGN.