Root canal treatment, or endodontic treatment consists of the precise cleaning of canals, their chemical and mechanical processing and finally, filling them tightly. KOSMO DENTAL CLINIC provides root canal treatments of highest quality.

Thanks to the modern equipment and methods, endodontic (root canal) treatment is possible during a single visit, with the use of anaesthesia.

The need for a root canal treatment may appear due to a tooth injury, because of prothetic reasons and also due to infected dental pulp, which can also be the cause for an inflammation of tissues surrounding the tooth root. The inflammation can manifest itself in pain, a gumboil or a fistula; however, it should be mentioned, that it can also be asymptomatic.

All pathological changes are visible on an X-ray, taken in our office, on site. The precise cleaning, chemical and mechanical processing and finally a tight filling can lead to a complete remission of the periapical changes and the regeneration of the bone.