What is implant dentistry?

It replaces natural teeth that we’ve lost with implants that in build and function are maximally similar to the real ones. Implants copy the root of the tooth and constitute the base for the crown. They allow us to eat, speak and smile wildly without fear.


Why are implants worth having?

A huge advantage of implants is their high aesthetic quality that no other prosthetic filling has. From the clinical perspective, implants are highly durable; they can last even up to several decades. The biggest asset of this kind of fillings is the fact that they can be used to fill in an individual missing tooth, without interfering in the tissues of other teeth, like it happens in case of prosthetic bridges.

Losing teeth is an uncomfortable and embarrassing ailment mostly in older people, although it can also occur in the younger patients. Lacks of teeth are unaesthetic, cause pain and major discomfort. Stomatological implants eliminate the problem and patients’ bad mental states, providing a safe and aesthetic solution.

Nice shoot of great smile and white teeth

What does the treatment process consist of?

Planning implanting on the basis of 3D CAT scan diagnostics, guarantees a safe treatment and predictable results. We always choose the best place of implanting, plan the number of implants, their size, the angle of entering and the later prosthetic casing.

In our stomatological centre we use renowned implant and prosthetic systems of Premium class proven both on the Polish market and abroad, and supported by long-standing scientific studies; they help achieve fantastic and predictable results which allow the patients to enjoy their smiles for many years to come.