The field dealing with the surgical treatment of the oral cavity. Patients most often visit a dental surgeon to remove a tooth. However, it needs to be remembered that many other problems connected with the oral cavity also need to be treated by a dental surgeon. The treatments performed in KOSMO DENTAL CLINIC include numerous surgeries within the oral cavity, e.g.:

  • Extraction (tooth removal) of wisdom teeth, impacted teeth and unerupted teeth,
  • The uncovering of impacted teeth,
  • Shaping the connections with the maxillary sinus,
  • Root-end resection,
  • Periodontal surgery, surgical treatment of periodontitis,
  • Pre-prothetic surgery,
  • Bone regeneration,
  • Raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus,
  • Frenectomy,
  • Implantological surgery.

All surgeries conducted in our clinic are painless thanks to the use of anaesthesia. We also use the inhalations of nitrous oxide, the so-called laughing gas, in children and to raise mental comfort or abolish fear in very sensitive adults.