Do you have headaches, nape pains, shoulder and back pains?
Aching facial muscles? You can’t open your mouth widely?
Do you have abraded teeth?

In KOSMO DENTAL CLINIC we know how to help.

Recently, there has been a rapid development of civilization and the increase in the requirements set for the society. We are more and more busy due to the multitude of errands and responsibilities, and have less and less time for the rest that our body needs. It leads to too much stress that we cannot get rid of accumulating in our body.

The negative influence of stress causes the development of various ailments and diseases. These also include the dysfunctions of the motor system of the masticatory apparatus (indirectly: of the temporomandibular joint) ans bruxism. Their symptoms vary. Most often they include headaches radiating to, e.g. the temples, the forehead, the mandible (imitating toothaches), the nape as well as migraines. They also imitate the feeling of an eyeball being forced out of the eye socket, tinnitus or the feeling of clogged ear; all these symptoms often lead to the patients visiting doctors of various specializations: opthalmologists, ENT specialists, orthopaedists, neurologists.

They are referred to dentists when other doctors fail to treat them, because, most often, only the symptoms are treated instead of the cause, which is in the motor system of the masticatory apparatus; more precisely, it lies in the involuntary impulses sent from the brain to the masseter muscles, which shrink overly causing, e.g. cracking in the temporomandibular joints.

Alarming symptoms that should warn a person with this ailment include:

  • pains in the masseter muscles (especially in the mornings),
  • cracking and creaking within the temporomandibular joints,
  • a limited range of mouth-opening.

Disorders in the temporomandibular joints happen due to muscular reasons (bruxism) often connected with the loss of an appropriate support in the dental arches, which occurs when a bite surface is considerably lowered due to e.g. major prothetic works.

In Kosmo Dental Clinic, thanks to the proper diagnosis and treatment, it is possible to lower or even remove the headaches, pains in facial muscles, nape pains as well as shoulder and back pains.