We care for your smile, we care for your teeth

Kosmo Dental is more than a Centre of Stomatology and Implant Dentistry. It is a clinic in which we extensively care for your smile. We carry out preventive treatments, protecting your teeth from decay. If necessary – we conduct surgeries. Efficiently, precisely and pain-free whenever possible.


We are always willing to help – regardless of whether you come to our clinic for a check-up or with a serious toothache. We offer a wide range of services, including conservative dentistry, orthodontics and implant dentistry, but also dental surgery or treatment of bruxism.

No pain, no fear – also with root canals

We know how to treat so that the effect is good. We are able to provide treatments least burdensome for a patient. We use effective methods of anaesthesia, but that is not all. Thanks to modern equipment and reliable techniques, we conduct even root canal treatments painlessly and in a stress-free way.

A child-friendly doctor’s office

We also help the little patients. Our doctors conduct treatments within the field of pediatric dentistry, but, more importantly, they conduct them in such a way that children are not afraid.

Patient amenities

We like to make our patients’ lives easier whenever possible. Seeing the importance of trust, we offer all new patients a free consultation within the fields of prosthodontics, conservative dentistry and implant dentistry. In case of comprehensive, long-term treatments we prepare estimated costs, including appropriate discounts.


None of the commercial services offered by our clinic have to be paid for upfront – instead, they can be paid for in convenient instalments. MediRaty is a widely available system of financing medical services, enabling the realization of the optimal plan of treatments and the access to extensive medical treatments.


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